Electronics Repair

  • We repair stereos, VCRs, DVD Players, CD Players, Tape Decks, etc.

  • We do not repair cameras, telephones, satellite receivers, cable converter boxes, or CRT televisions of any kind.

Computer Services

  • We repair and upgrade desktop and laptop computers including, but not limited to, mainboards (motherboards), processors (CPUs), graphics cards, memory, hard drives, and CD / DVD drives.

  • We can remove most computer viruses without reformatting the hard drive. Remove spyware, adware, malware, bloatware, and trojans to optimize system performance. We provide tools that you can use to keep your system free of these.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve software and operating system problems.

  • Network two or more computers to share files, printers, and internet connection through the use of wired and wireless connections.

  • Provide multi-boot Linux installations to allow more than one operating system to be installed on one computer.

  • Keyboard and Mouse Cleaning

Web Design and Website Maintenance

  • We offer full web design services including acquiring new domain name, hosting, website design, graphics design, website implementation, submission to search engines, maintenance, and updates.

Electrical Services

  • We provide residential and commercial electrical service including installation of wiring, lighting, wall receptacles, new circuits, breaker panels, and testing.

  • Troubleshoot and repair existing electrical systems to resolve problems and/or safety issues.

Audio / Video / Data Systems Design and Installation

  • Audio Systems: Simple PA systems; Multi-Room, Multi-Zone PA systems, and Sound Reinforcement Systems. Troubleshoot and repair existing audio systems.

  • Video Systems: Design and installation of room projectors; remote controlled projection screens; digital video switchers and scalers which receive, switch, and scale multiple video sources to prepare projection signal; include connections of computers, VCR, DVD, cameras, etc.

  • Data Systems: Network two or more computers to serve media files through the use of wired and wireless connections for use with Audio and Video systems.

Technology Solutions and Consulting

  • Assess your technology needs, design a solution, and implement it. Whether its Home Theater or a Sound Reinforcement System for a band performance, we can provide quality technology solutions and service.

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September 10, 2007
Reichard's Repair Shop is now Reichard Services.

March 30, 2007
Reichard Computers, a division of Reichard's Repair Shop has closed down and will no longer build computers. We continue to offer support for the computers we have built.

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